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TRUE 1. Agreeing with fact; not false: It is true that 6 and 4 are 10. 2. Real; genuine: true gold, true
kindness. 3. Faithful; loyal: my truest friend, true to your promises. 4 Agreeing with a standard; correct; exact: out of true means not exactly the right shape or position.

From the very beginning I wanted to do things differently. So when selecting the name of the company I chose True Carpentry. In the dictionary the word True has two meanings one is when a building is True it is correct, the other is when a man is True he is honest. For over twenty years now I have made this my first goal in all that I do.

Some companies have a mission statement I don’t, I have a life statement. With everyone I come in contact with I will remain True, and every project I am involved in I will endeavor to build it True.

William Deitle, Owner
True Carpentry



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