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True Carpentry Home Builders
3133 New Germany Road, Suite 63 | Ebensburg, PA 15931

To schedule an appointment to meet with us, please call us at 814-471-6966 or 814-243-0451.

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The value of a home is more than skin deep. The finished product will be beautiful and you can be assured that what’s behind the walls will be treated with the same importance.

True Carpentry is not a volume builder, this allows us to give you and your home the attention that is required to insure you the home you want and the product you deserve.

The people that are involved with the building of your home are as important as the materials that go into it. It is understood by everyone involved with the construction process there are no short-cuts and that quality is our first priority. It is our aim to build for you a home that is beautiful, long lasting, low maintenance, and comfortable.

From beginning to end, from the footers to the shingles we pay attention to detail. There is nothing unimportant to you and there isn’t with us.










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